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April 15, 2009


Tea Party Tax Highlights

Tax Protesters 'Tired of Being Taxed'
Bailouts, Socialism and Pork Must Go Too


GOP Chairman Jeremy Neal addresses over 70 tea party tax protesters at an April 15, 2009 rally in Louisburg.


Meanwhile: Obamas made $2.7 million last year...  Tax Return Details [PDF]

Tax protesters let everyone know what they thought about taxes, big government, entitlements, Obama, just to name a few.

Signs ranging from "No More Taxes," "Yes to Term Limits, "Socialism, U.S.S.A.," and "R.I.P. Republicanly I Protest" peppered a gathering of about 70 protesters at an anti-tax tea party rally in Louisburg on tax day, April 15.

The non-partisan Tea Party tax rally, sponsored by the Franklin County Republican Party, was held on the courthouse steps with a variety of speakers who energized the crowd.

Nicholas Cloer, left, and Chairman Jeremy Neal

Nicholas Cloer, 17, of Youngsville said everyone needs to take a stand against reckless spending and "must continue the fight" to stop higher taxes and wasteful spending.

Chuck Stires

Former state Senate candidate Chuck Stires warned the crowd that the Department of Homeland Security thinks "we're right wing extremists" for protesting. He said Homeland Security does not understand the Constitution and that the tax burden is bloated and ineffective.

UPDATE: Napolitano stands by right-wing 'extremism' warning...    Govt faces veteran anger at HOMELAND SECURITY report...

Stires urged everyone to be vocal because government is recklessly expanding spending and he sees more misspent money.

"Is it time to change?" Stires asked the crowd.


He asked the crowd if they were prepared to keep protesting with tea party rallies. Again, they said yes.

Stires urged everyone to also push for less government and more personal control.

"Leave us alone," he said.

GOP Chairman Jeremy Neal said that not a single elected official appeared at the tea party rally.

"Fire them all!" yelled someone in the crowd.

Neal asked everyone to contact their representatives and to get them to oppose higher taxes and wasteful spending.

He added that some people are taxed so much that they cannot afford to die.

Ed Johnson

Taxpayer Ed Johnson complained about taxes, waste, bailouts, pork and socialism. He received a loud applause when he pushed for term limits.

Michelle Duncan said there was nothing patriotic about giving bailout money to billionaires.

Opie Pearce

Retired state employee Opie Pearce lives on a fixed income and is "tired of being taxed."

Harold Watson

Harold Watson said the government is tearing this country apart, and Jean Goodwin said that one person can start a movement.

During the speeches several people honked their horns approving of the GOP's tea party tax protest rally.

Protesters criticize government spending at tax day tea parties
Protesters criticize government spending at tax day tea parties

Thousands of protesters across North Carolina are using tax day to show their distaste for government spending and federal bailouts since President Barack Obama took office.

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