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Commissioner Sidney Dunston

July 12, 2006 The Franklin Times

Commissioner’s wife reported injury to 911
From Staff Reports

A 911 account of a domestic dispute call relates a brief conversation that a commissioner’s wife had with dispatchers to keep the call off emergency airwaves and to get her husband out of the house.

According to public records, Toni Dunston called 911 at 7:04 p.m. on June 30, reporting that her husband, Franklin County Commission Chairman Sidney Dunston, who is a reverend, hurt her hand during an “altercation.”

A deputy responded but no charges were filed.

During the first minute of the one minute and 14 second conversation with dispatchers, Toni Dunston told authorities that she wanted her husband removed from the home.

She then asked if dispatchers could keep the conversation off emergency radio.

“... Everybody with a scanner, they know your business before you can do anything about the stuff,” she said in the tape.

During the 911 call, Toni Dunston appeared calm.

According to an incident report, the Dunston’s were yelling back and forth when Deputy B.J. Oakley arrived at their George Leonard Road home four minutes after the call was logged.

Mrs. Dunston told Oakley that Dunston pushed her against the wall, but in the report, Oakley said he did not see any marks on Mrs. Dunston.

Commissioner Dunston then left the house to calm down, according to the report.

Deputy Oakley had left the scene by 7:15 p.m.

Commissioner Dunston declined comment for this story.